10 Essential Products to keep your Skin Vibrant in Summer

10 Essential Products to keep your Skin Vibrant in Summer

If someone asks me what is your preference among summers and winters then my answer to this always remains the same i.e, Summer. Even though my birthday month is in December and I am a winter baby but don’t know what attracts me towards the hot season. I become a more chilled out and fun-loving girl in summer and the main reason behind it is the outfits. Yes, I do love wearing bright summery color dresses so much. I guess I have discussed soo much of my preference till now and forgotten about today’s blog which I gonna share with you. So, let me take your whole attention to my blog i.e., 10 Essential Products to keep your Skin Vibrant in Summer.

I am very excited to share my go-to products for every summer season, no matter it is lockdown summer or a normal one. Before writing this blog, I have visited several other blogs who have an almost similar concept and products to show their audiences. And this made me think that what would make my blog different from all. Therefore, I end up sharing a very affordable product that goes with every skin type and is available everywhere.

My motive is not to influence you to buy this or that product. Instead, I just want you to recommend that not always jump to expensive products wondering that that will do wonders to your skin. It doesn’t happen like that. Choose the one that suits your skin perfectly and you can have them whenever you want.

10 Essential Products to keep your Skin Vibrant in Summer

I have come up with 10 products that will help you deal with the hot weather. All the products are in your budget and will make your skin look fresh and beautiful for summer. Let me tell you that the below-displayed products are all mine and I have been using them for a very long time. They work great on me and are basic products.

SPF (Sunscreen) for Sun Protection –


SPF (Sunscreen) for Sun Protection


I will start with my favorite product during summer that is sunscreen. It goes both with or without makeup as sunscreen protects our skin from harmful UV rays. Don’t worry I am not going to tell you it’s long properties. I am sure no one is interested in it. If you are then going and surf on chrome, there you will get your answer surely. So, in my opinion, they are several sunscreen products available in the market. It is totally up to you which one you want to buy. While I will suggest some of them which I feel are the best.


  • Biotique Bio Sandalwood Sunscreen Ultra Soothing Face Lotion
  • Lakme Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF 50 PA ++
  • Joves Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60 PA++++
  • Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPF 40
  • Multi-Protection Urban UV Day Shield SPF 30 All Skin Types (Currently I am using this, and it’s a good one)


Hydrating Lip Balm –


Hydrating Lip Balm

Lip balm is on the top in my list of skincare essentials. In my office bag, I always keep a lip balm sometimes even 2 if I lost one of them. My lips are very dry and I need to hydrate them every two hours. Moreover, applying it underneath your lipstick it will allow your lipstick to go on as smooth as butter! It is in your budget, buy any quality lip balm. Recently I come across this beauty from Oriflame and I like its packaging.


BB Cream –


BB Cream


I do not prefer heavy makeup on my face for office as I always in a rush to get ready. I daily use a BB cream to give that extra glow to my face. You can simply apply a BB cream with your fingers gradually. But it’s very important to pick the right BB cream that suits to your skin, as usual, some BB creams splash out from your face due to sweat. You can go for Lakme, Ponds or any other BB cream. It’s being one long year I have been using this Garnier BB cream. It is amazing and looks at the product in the picture how much I have used it and still, more is there.


Organic Face Wash –


Organic Face Wash

Now coming to a face wash which is yet another essential product for summer. As in summer days, we need to wash our face twice or thrice. Tried all sorts of face washes naming Clean and Clear, Ponds, Himalaya, Lakme, Patanjali, and so on. And now finally spotted my all-time favorite face wash from Organic Harvest. It gives a very natural glow and suits my dry skin perfectly. It has a paraben-free formula. You can buy it from Nykaa. Also, you must try other products of Organic Harvest to protect your skin in summer days.


Organic Shampoo to get rid of Scalp in Summer –


Organic Shampoo to get rid of Scalp in Summer
Not to say much about it but yaa a good shampoo makes my day chill and happy. I have wavy hair and they need extra smoothness and thus I use WOW Apple Cider shampoo. Believe me guys it is amazing and helps to remove frizz and dandruff from hair. The best part I liked about this shampoo is that it is made for all types of hair.


Moisturizer or Cream for Summers –


Moisturizer or Cream for Summers
I have very dry skin and even in summers, it remains dry so I have to use a moisturizer every day. You don’t have to see many options when it comes to moisturizer as Nivea is the best among all. It makes my skin smoother and softer. It is very affordable and you can buy it from any store.

Hair Oil for Nourishment –


Hair Oil
As such plants need water to grow likewise our hair also needs nourishment to grow. Oiling is the best way to provide proper nourishment. No need to get your hands-on expensive product when we have Parachute Coconut Oil. It is one of the oldest and reliable brands.


Hair Serum to Protect Hair from Damage –


Hair Serum to Protect Hair from Damage
I don’t use many products on my hair except homemade hair masks. Recently I have been started using a hair serum regularly. I will tell you why. Last year in a rainy season my hair gets soo frizzy and dry that none of the stylings works on them. And I was so busy at work that I didn’t get time to do even oiling. I was so frustrated and then one of my friends recommend me for hair serum. I got Wello Care Hair serum from a local shop and it goes well with my hair during every season. Try this out if it doesn’t work then suggesting you the other one i.e, Streax Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum.


Refreshing Talcum Powder –


Refreshing Talcum Powder
In summers to look fresh, talcum powder is the go-to product. I love using Oriflame Love Nature Fragranced Talc as it gives freshness to my body.


Final Lines: Summers are all about working, traveling, and chilling out. And to stay fresh and flawless in this hot weather you need some extra care. These 10 essential products will surely keep you vibrant during the summer season. Invest in these products and say goodbye to dull and stale skin!

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