15 Self Care Practices you can do to bring Positivity in Lockdown

15 Self Care Practices you can do to bring Positivity in Lockdown

Covid-19 has become a big fuss now, the numbers are increasing everywhere and rumors are trolling. Anyway, I hand over this discussion to the media because they are way better than me. Apart from the joke, I love being at home because of the healthy environment, and yummy mommy made food I get to eat throughout the day. But it is not that fun now, because everyone is inside for 3 months. Well, in my case after 1 month it is fun and easy-going because I have not let this negativity of Covid-19 impact me anymore. If you want to know what is my secret then read further and know about 15 Self Care Practices you can do to bring Positivity in Lockdown.

In the initial days, I spent my whole time watching Netflix, Prime, Tv, and also started playing my favorite games of childhood Cricket, Carrom Board, etc. But as the days passed I started feeling bored, stressed out, unmotivated because somewhere I was not happy with the stuff I was doing the whole day. My body is not getting tired at the end of the day, there was no sleep in my eyes. Apparently, my body, mind, and soul were missing the routine which I was having before lockdown. That normal and so busy life was awesome!! This made me realize how important my work is to me and then when I started pushing myself to do every day something out of the box.

And a dear friend of mine always says we should live in our present. Being inspired by him I motivated myself and to bring that energetic and cheerful Kanishka back I have started thinking only about the 24 hours I have. Though, I know that if the human will not succeed then how they will live. So, live for the day but think only about the future for your success. 

After following my friend’s mantra, I started taking everything in so ease. Now everything in my life is back to normal and I am working, chilling out, sleeping early, and living my fullest. Believe me, everything is in your hand. Don’t go anywhere, as I will be sharing the mantra at the end. Keep scrolling and reading! 

15 Self Care Practices you can do to bring Positivity in Lockdown

This is not only my story but the story of everyone. After all, we are all into this. So, I have gathered the things which you all can do in this lockdown that will make you feel like you are living your old busy routine life. 

Read Books in Lockdown

Keep yourself away from Negativity in Lockdown


  1. Don’t Watch News Channels Excessively – We all know that the media exaggerate the things and show to us which impacts our mind. Especially these days, watching news channels means surrounding yourself with negative energy. So, I read newspapers instead of watching news channels to keep myself a little updated with the world. 
  2. Don’t Overthink – Look I can tell you to do this and that thing to keep yourself busy. But what about your mind that is constantly asking questions, What will happen to my Job? How will I pay my rent? When everything will come back to normal? and many more. But answer me is these things really matter to you more than your health. Well, my answer would be definitely No. Many people meditate to overcome such things, you can also opt for it. Personally, I don’t meditate but I always keep myself pushing towards positivity and which makes my life so easy.
  3. Don’t tell your Secrets to Everyone – Well this is my rule of living a life without the negativity that comes from the people we are surrounded by. For example, suppose you are doing nothing but don’t say to anyone the truth. I am not saying you should not speak, share everything with your friends and families. Wait let me explain with you a quote – 

“People Salute to the Rising Sun not the drowning one”. 

Fun Things to do in Lockdown 

15 Self Care Practices you can do to bring Positivity in Lockdown

  1. Do a Zumba Workout or Yoga on Youtube – I have started doing Zumba after 1 month of lockdown and still doing it for half an hour to refresh my mind. On youtube randomly choose a Zumba dance workout video and put all your energy into it. Dance on your favorite Punjabi songs. Believe me, this will make you feel alive! 
  2. Try your hands in Kitchen – Well when it comes to cooking, I take my feet back as I only know Maggie and Tea. But I am sure many of you are fond of cooking. So, in this lockdown bring out the hidden master chef from you and try the different recipes. This will make you feel happy from inside.
  3. Research on Google and Learn New Things – Being a Digital Marketer, researching on Google is my favorite thing. And I have learned most of the digital marketing lessons through Google and Youtube which is absolutely free. So, if you want to learn something then spending money on other paid programs, just first study all the material that is available on Google, Youtube, and other digital platforms.
  4. Read Books – Spend some time on reading books. It is one of my favorite parts of the day. I completely get lost in reading and I love how these books relieve all my stress so easily. Books can really have such a positive impact on how you feel.
  5. Get Creative – If like me you have never tried your hands-on crafts, painting, and DIY projects then it is the best time to experiment. Keeping your mind busy with such things when you are feeling anxious can be a huge help. Personally, I have not tried any crafts but yes I love coloring these days.
  6. Watch Your Favorite Shows – In these lockdown days what we missed soo much are our weekend days. Wondering how to enjoy the weekend without stepping out of the home. Well, In my case Netflix and Prime Tv make my weekend days super relaxing and chill. With a bowl of pasta and a cold drink, I am all set to enjoy my weekends.
  7. Pamper yourself – No matter you living a lockdown or normal life, you must spare some time for yourself. Do whatever that means to you – doing your hair, taking a relaxing bath, experimenting with natural DIYs for the glow on skin, painting your nails, etc. Yesterday I did my hair and makeup for the first time after 2 months and it felt so good!

Stay Motivated in the Lockdown Crisis!! 


Work from Home in Lockdown


  1. Stay Connected – Keep in touch with the people through video calls or simply voice calls. Catch up with long lost friends is the best thing to feel good in this lockdown. This will let you know what others are doing and you will also get an idea to do something for yourself. Als0 you will be cherished a lot of memories. 
  2. Avoid the Darker Side of Work from home – Who knows that Covid-19 will turns the tables and make us realize the imperfect reality of working remotely. Working from home once in a while is great but when it becomes a full-time obligation, people feel no more excited. Instead of thinking in a negative way, think about what you can do to define the problems and find out the solutions to help your company to stay above water.
  3. Online Classes – E-learning was not a call of India but the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the industry to take online classes. For both students and teachers, it is not easy but all have to cope up. Instead of trending #stoponlineclasses on twitter, you must take care of your studies and health. After all, no one can be blamed for the current situation.
  4. Stay Strong when Jobless – My perspective is that if you think without a job you are nothing or you cannot survive then my dear friend you don’t deserve that job! Always remember that you have got that job because you possess skills and creativity. So, use that skills on some other thing till you don’t find a suitable job for yourself.
  5. Start a Blog – If you love to write and want to share your views or opinions on a digital platform then blogging is the best way to start. As you know I have also started theway2sunshine’ my blog during the lockdown. And now when I see it growing slowly, I feel motivated to work harder for it. A blog is a great hobby and It’s never too late to start working for your passion!


Follow My Mantra to live an easy and peaceful life – Think only about today, forget what happens in the past and what will happen in the future. Live for 24 hours. (P.S. It was my friend’s mantra, but now I am following it for 2 months and I have seen changes in myself. Make it yours by opting it in life.)

Final Lines: I think that a lockdown crisis is the best situation to give my positive energy to you all. I hope by reading these 15 Self Care Practices you can do to bring Positivity in Lockdown, you are ready to fight stress. Under such circumstances, mental peace and happiness are leisure and these self-care practices could just buy you those. Tell me in the comments what you are doing in this unwelcomed lockdown or unlock 1.0 days!! 

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