I'm so glad you Are here!

Hey, I am Kanishka Tanwar, a 22-year-old Digital Marketer and Content Creator from Chandigarh, India. I have been doing Digital Marketing for 2 years for my clients or company’s clients. Basically, I was doing a boring job, not 9 to 5 actually it’s 9 to 6:30. Thankfully this lockdown period has done something nice to me! I realize that I have not meant for these jobs, well nobody is if he or she wants to work for passion.

So, I am following my passion through theway2sunshine. What about you? Anyway, this is my blog where I post content related to DIYs, fashion trends, lifestyle, and travel. Soon I will be posting content with my photos so that you can relate much more with my ideas and tips of beauty, fashion, and so on.