Is Shaving Bad for Women's Skin

Is Shaving Bad for Women’s Skin?

For many days I have been questioning myself why I have to bear the pain to get rid of my body hair? Why I cannot shave them and have smooth and soft skin like I have after waxing. And why do boys have all the fun? Well, I have got the answers i.e, shaving with a razor. No doubt that waxing makes my skin super soft and clean but is it really worth it to bear all such pain. It is not less than torture for me when my hairs are pulled off harshly from both hands at the same time. But if you are still unaware of it and want to know Is Shaving bad for women’s skin then keep scrolling.

In my teenage, I have tried shaving on my legs which have given me hilarious results because I don’t know the correct way to use it. After that, I don’t get the courage to do it again as such all the parlor didi’s have also threatened me about it. They say after shaving your hair will be very hard, thick, and dark. And somehow I believe them because I also see those results. But what made me stick in a confused state is the fact that after waxing they are also in a similar category.

So, I was against shaving but a few days back I asked my dad how do you shave and he said that first I apply shaving gel to prep it and so on. Then I watched youtube videos and got an idea to shave. I thought of doing it again in the best and better way. Also, the lockdown period has made me very lazy and the thought of going to a parlor to get off hair irritates me. And believe me or not but I get wonderful results. Before you jump into any conclusion let me tell you that shaving is not that simple. You have to learn some tips and tricks to have a soft-touch skin which I have learned these days.

I will be sharing with you my whole experience on shaving with a razor through pictures and also give you a brief on waxing vs. shaving. So stay connected.

Is Shaving Bad for Women’s Skin?

No, shaving is not bad for women’s skin. You can shave your arms, legs, armpits with a good quality razor and have smooth skin. I have tried and tested it before sharing it with you. So I know there must be several questions running on the mind of every girl who is reading this out. Here I am answering all of them and busting the shaving myths :

Does shaving make hair grow thicker or darker?

My answer would be No. Your hair growth may not actually be thicker, it can certainly feel like that. Because after shaving the hair grows blunt as they are cut with a blade. As time passes it grows back to how it was, the tip will taper back out from the wear. Just give it a few weeks. Shaving does not increase the diameter of your current hair follicles. If you still face a thicker growth, then it might be due to genetics. This is what I experienced 2 months back.

Why is it said that the skin becomes dry after shaving?

It is very important to take care of your skin after shaving. Yes, it becomes dry and flaky when you don’t give enough moisturization. No matter if you are waxing or shaving, in both the cases skin is going under a procedure and you need to moisturize to keep it soft and smooth. Make sure to apply a moisturization or cream after ending up with hair from your arms, legs, and armpits.

Does Shower Gel work the same as Shaving Cream for Shaving?

No, a soap or a shower gel doesn’t make a better substitute for shaving cream. I am telling you these from my own experience. You will end up getting more razor burns and cuts. So I would suggest you use only shaving cream for this purpose.

Is it ok to Shave My Face?

It is true that after shaving your hair grows faster and if you shave your hair then you have to do it every day which is not at all good for your skin. You will start noticing your hair after 18 hours of shaving. So, I would not recommend this.

5 Steps to Get the Smoothest Shave

I know you are eagerly wanting to know what is the secret of getting smooth skin after shaving. So, without any further discussions let’s jump into this. Here I have listed the 5 Steps to a Smooth Shave:


  • Take a Steamy Shower to Soften Hair

A steamy shower does wonders to your body hair and skin. Taking a steamy shower will prevent you from getting micro-cuts and irritation.

What do you have to do to get a pain-free shave?

Wet your Hair

    • Wet the hair in the warm water for a few minutes.
  • Exfoliate the Skin

Exfoliating your skin means washing your body with a granular substance will remove dead skin cells. So, it is very important to exfoliate your skin before shaving. As such dead skin cells clog your hair follicles and hide your hair under the skin, which further results in ingrows.

So, what should you use to exfoliate your skin?

  • Take a pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin.
  • Alternatively, you can use a light exfoliator product that has BHA. I would recommend you to use Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash because it has BHA salicylic acid.

Exfoliate the Skin

Here I am using the Oriflame Love Nature Body Wash as I was running out of Neutrogena. So, basically you can use whatever body wash you have at home.

  • Apply the Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream

Now if you are done with a steamy shower and gentle exfoliation which has opened your pores, it is the best time to apply shaving cream on the skin.

Apply the Shaving Cream

    • Apply the right shaving cream i.e, Gillette Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream.
    • Allow it to sit for a minute or two to soften the skin before shaving.
  • Shave with 2-blade or 3-blade Razor

For a smooth shave, you don’t require an expensive razor. A sharp razor of 2 blades is enough for shaving. Don’t use an old razor as you will need more passes which means irritation and razor burn. You can use your new razor 10 to 15 times for shaving (for this store razor at a dry place).

Now let me tell you How to shave?

3-blade Venus Razor

Here I am using Gillette Venus Aloe Vera Extracts 3 Blade Razor. Its market price is Rs. 220 which is quite affordable.

How to Shave?

    • Shave against the direction of the hair growth and when you are done, shave again that part in the direction of the growth. By following this way you will get rid of even the tiniest bit of hair.
  • Moisturize the Area for Smoother Skin

All the important steps have been done but don’t forget the finished part. Otherwise, you will ruin your nice shave. When you shave, the upper layer of the skin gets disrupted which causes dryness, redness, and irritation.

That’s why follow this

  • Apply a moisturizer on the skin soon after shaving.
  • Firstly apply a Coconut Oil and then again apply a Nivea or Ponds Moisturizer to give it enough nourishment.
  • Keep your skin nourished for long to have a soft-touch skin for days.

After Result:

Shaving with razor

Shaving vs. Waxing – Which is better?


Shaving vs. Waxing - Which is better


It would be a long debate if I will go deep into this. So, to make it easy and clear I would be sharing with you the difference between shaving and waxing and you have to decide which one is better for you. Because every girl has a different hair type and I cannot recommend this or that for you. My blogs are all about sharing my opinions and experiences with you.


Shaving vs. Waxing
Shaving Waxing
Shaving gives you relaxation to sit at home doing it all your own without any hassle. It is a very easy and simple process. Waxing can be done at home but not a quick process therefore we girls usually prefer to go to a parlor or call a professional at home.
Hair Regrowth
Shaving doesn’t make your hair grow thicker or darker but yes you will see your hair regrowth faster likely in 1 week. Whereas waxing pulls the hair from the root so the hair regrowth turned out to be slow i.e, around 4 weeks.
Degree of  Pain
Shaving is painless unless you didn’t get a razor cut due to your negligence. If you do it carefully then it is completely a pain-free process. No need to say here! It is painful and fussy especially when you have excessive hair and regrowth is fast. Waxing can also cause red spots on your skin.
Shaving saves you a lot of money because investing in razor and shaving cream is more than a one-time investment. While waxing is pretty costly as today’s parlor charges a high amount and even calling a lady to your home is even more expensive.
Since shaving is done at home so hygiene is pretty much in your hands. If you know the correct way of shaving then you are good to go without any worry of infections. On the other hand, waxing can be pretty unhygienic. As most of the parlor uses the same clothing strips and low-quality wax. Also, the powder that they apply is tabbed on many hands before. So, to get a hygienic waxing you must choose a professional salon.

Final Lines: See it’s totally your decision whether you have to opt shaving or waxing or any other method for hair removal. I just only want to say neither shaving nor waxing is bad for your skin if you do both in the right and best way. So, I hope I have busted the myths on shaving and you have got your answer to the question i.e, Is Shaving Bad for Women’s Skin? Tell me in comments about your experiences related to shaving or waxing and let me know if this blog helped you in some way!

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